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No News is Good News

Baby Carlin
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Bump to the top. Not much has happened. Another visit to the ER for dehydration. But baby and mommy are both healthy. I use my live journal alot, but I really like this layout better. It's so techie and my style.

News to come, I'll start updating more often.


Over one hump...

199 days to go. That being said, I think the medications (anti-nausea) Alisha's are are finally helping her to (A) Sleep, and (B) eat. We may finally be moving out of that yummy Morning Sickness stage, and she'll finally get to start enjoying the pregnancy more.

On a side note, I'm super bored. I should probably attempt to go into the chatroom when I'm at home, but I have video games there. No offense to anyone. I guess I'll havta learn to RP via the Boards and when I can spare time at home. Damn you WebSense. And damn you Site Blocker Inventors everywhere!


The Big Scare

Okay, so as I said yesterday (for me), I would post the happening of last night's little trip to the ER. Alisha and Baby are both okay, she couldn't stop vomitting, even after she was on empty. THey hooked her up (again, second time this week) to 2 bags of Saline, and gave her more IV-inserted anti-nausea drugs. We didn't get home until 0330 or 0400, so I was dog-tired. On top of being sick from worry.

THe worst part of the whole thing was that the ER Corpsman (Navy, remember?) and ER Crew wanted to do a dopplar for the baby's heartbeat to make sure everything was kosher. The found it, 3 times, but only after a good 45 minutes of silent panic. And everytime they found it, the baby would run (camera-shy, like it's mom, cute.). So to finally get it, they whipped out the ultrasound gear again.

Long story (and night) short, Baby's okay, Mom's feeling blah, but healthy.


210 Days remaining

Wow, 10 weeks down. And Alisha's feeling the morning/afternoon/night sickness in the worst of ways. But she's so cute.

In other news, I completely brainfarted my Father's birthday AND my parents' anniversary. What kind of son am I? Well, the busy kind. Other than the baby stuff, not much more to share. We did get a notcie that our apartments are due for renovations, and therefore we're getting the boot. We're hoping we get a nicer (maybe bigger) place near some of our good friends. If not, and Tha Man tries to stick my family in a crap-hole, I'll be moving out into town and we'll really immerse ourselves in the Japanese Culture! Glee!